Welcome to my website

and thank you for your interest in the type of acupuncture I offer. I sincerely hope that the information contained in my website will answer most of the questions you have about Oriental medicine, and give you an insight into this awe-inspiring art and science. Acupuncture is deceptively simple - correcting imbalances through the insertion of fine needles into specific points and so assisting the body's own recuperative powers.

But behind this is a wealth of understanding of how health and balance are maintained, an appreciation and perception of the movements of life, their origin, interaction and transformation - all that we broadly term Chinese Philosophy. As Chinese medicine is rooted in philosophy I always feel that I have an obligation to bring to everybody's awareness in the profession certain aspects of this philosophy in order for them to practise this in their daily lives. I also feel that an educational system that does not present "Spirit" as the central fact of Man's existence is offering knowledge that is incomplete.

With this in mind it is considered that a healthy feeling of solidarity and responsibility, self-imposed discipline and a regard for duty, combined with self-respect and reverence for others, and a high standard of academic dignity, will enable us to become aware of the great purpose of human life. I hope my website does justice both to the philosophical aspects in which it is rooted and to its immensely practical application in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.