Origins and Development

Acupuncture originated in China. Books now over two thousand years old and still in use today, such as the Nei Jing or Classic of Internal Medicine, indicate that even at that time it was a developed system of medicine with detailed theories on the workings of the human being, causes of disease and appropriate treatment. Over the centuries a vast literature has been compiled on acupuncture and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine such as herbalism, massage diet and exercise.

Today this thorough documentation and steady development continues worldwide. In the People's Republic of China and in other Far Eastern countries extensive training programmes are in operation with large teaching hospitals dedicated to the study, practice and research of traditional methods.

It is interesting to note that here the patient can choose either western or traditional Chinese medicine for their complaints. Already long established in China, Korea, Japan and other Far Eastern countries, acupuncture is now increasingly recognised in the West as a safe and effective form of medicine, which requires extensive and specialised training for its proper and effective practice.