Acupuncture treatment consists of the insertion of fine needles, usually of stainless steel, into a few carefully selected points on the body so as to rectify the imbalances diagnosed. Since the needles are so fine, acupuncture is not usually found to be painful.

The number of needles used varies, often a few as two or three, sometimes as many as ten or fifteen. They are left in place for varying amounts of time perhaps on average 15-20 minutes. Each needle is single-used and from a sterile packet.

Another method commonly used in conjunction with Acupuncture is moxibustion. This consist of rolling a ball of the dried herb Artemesia Vulgaris (Mugwort) around the shaft of the needle and lighting it so that it smoulders. This has the effect of heating the needle, giving a reinforcing and tonifying action.

Moxa is also burned directly on the skin, when it is removed as soon as discomfort is felt, and in the form of a cigar-like moxa stick to heat larger areas of the body. If the condition requires it we will give a massage before or during the treatment.