Scope of Acupuncture

While acupuncture is deservedly well known for its successful treatment of painful conditions such as arthritis, back pain, migraines etc. its scope is in reality far wider, ranging from acute and infectious diseases to chronic internal problems such as menstrual disorders, respiratory complaints, depression and hormonal disturbances.

But as outlined above, illness is a complex subject with many factors that may need changing or resolving. While illustrating the extensive range and use of Acupuncture the listing of "diseases" that acupuncture can cure is in many ways misleading since its treats the person, not the disease, seeking to resolve the pattern or cause that lies behind the symptoms.

While the use of acupuncture for anaesthesia in operations is a useful modern development prevention is of course better than a cure.

With its detailed system of diagnosis acupuncture has always been used as a preventative medicine, able to correct imbalances while still in their early stages so that more serious conditions do not develop.

A check-up several times a year traditionally at the change of the seasons, is therefore a sensible precaution.

In this way health is not only restored but maintained and improved.