I have been a client of Pauline van Buren for a number of years. I am nearing sixty years of age, and am a type 2 diabetic on insulin. Following a serious injury to my spine I was confined to bed for nearly fourteen months. I was subsequently almost unable to walk unaided. I was constantly fatigued and in pain from my injury and heavily dependent on insulin. Following an assessment and treatment by Pauline, which included acupuncture and massage, my life has dramatically changed. I have been able to exercise, continue my work as a professional dog trainer and have for the past four months been able to stop taking insulin. My diet and exercise regime is strongly supported by Pauline van Buren’s treatment. I cannot recommend Pauline van Buren’s professionalism and the benefits from her knowledge and treatments highly enough. Without doubt my life has been changed for the good at a time when I had lost all hope for any significant improvement.

Daniel Mannix

I became a patient of Pauline van Buren several months ago after having suffered from neck and elbow pain and insomnia for years. After treatment by Pauline with massage and acupuncture my neck pain is gone and my elbow is greatly improved, but the biggest change is that I can now sleep all night, which has made an enormous difference to my life. I no longer dread going to bed and lying awake all night watching the hours tick past!

Janet Mannix